Kissed By An Angel (My Current Book)

I am going to start explaining to you about the book I am reading lately. It is called Kissed By An Angel. It is a tremendous book and I have got to the part where Tristan has got into Erics mind and is reading him but because Eric is a druggy, Tristan cant picture what Erics mind is trying to say, so he just goes along with it, and finds himself in the middle of a nightmare. Here are some lines from the book if you know it: “I never knew how romantic a backseat could be” Ivy said, resting against it, smiling at Tristan. Then she looked past him at the pile of junk on the car floor. “Maybe you could pull your tie out of that old Burger King cup” Tristan reached down and grimaced. He tossed the dripping thing into the front of the car, then sat back down next to Ivy. If you have read/reading the book, please comment


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